Self-Care Creativity Day Four

Brain dumps are a good way to get out what is blocking your creativity. Take some time to release what is clogging your creative flow. You may need to write it all down. You may need to paint it out. Whatever is the most creative way to release this… do that! Give at least fifteen minutes for the exercise but it is best to take all the time you need for it. You never know. You may find solutions to problems, answers to questions, or clarity where the was none. At the very least, you go it out and can let your creativity flow like you need it to again. 

Self-Care Creativity Day Three

The hardest part with most of these challenges is finding time to do them. Everyday life doesn’t stop just because you have a new creativity challenge. 


How do you find time to do the things that you want to do, that allow you to be creative, and bring you joy? If you struggle with this, brainstorm ways that you can work it into your schedule. Where can you carve out 15 minutes two or three times into your day?

Challenge Yourself – Self-Care Creativity – November 2016 Creativity Challenge

Everything isn’t for everybody.

Let’s start there.

There are a number of challenges that go around the internet. Prompts are all over the place if you take a few moments to look. However, that doesn’t mean that any of them are right for you. Even NaNoWriMo isn’t for every novelist. Daily writing can be difficult. Word counts can be hard to reach. Living your everyday life may make it difficult to work on your art every day.

But how do you get good at something if you don’t work at it?

You have to find a way to create every day.

If limits aren’t your thing, don’t focus on them.

Simply be creative.

Heck, we are a day late starting this challenge but we are still going to do it!

Creativity is a form of self-care. It can feed your soul.

Our challenge to you this month is to practice daily self-care through exercising your creativity. Feed your creative soul and watch the positive effects on other areas of your life.