Spring Into Creativity 30/30 – Be honest

Be honest about your creativity, where it is going, and where you want it to go. Express it in your art.

Spring Into Creativity 29/30 – Make A Wish

Make a wish!

Express it through your creativity!

No fear allowed! Be as high in the clouds as possible!

Spring Into Creativity 28/30 – Creating from another creation

Read a poem, preferably one you have never read before, and create something from how it makes you feel and the images it brings to your mind.

Spring Into Creativity 27/30 – Tell a story

Use your creativity to tell a story. Try to use more than one form (expression) of creativity when telling that story.

You don’t have to be a prose writer to tell a story. (Don’t box yourself in by thinking that way.)

Be as non-traditional as possible.

Spring Into Creativity 26/30 – Rebuilding

How would you rebuild yourself or your life? What are the building blocks? Get creative!

Spring Into Creativity 25/30 – The Telephone

Love it or hate it, create an ode to the telephone in the format that best suits you.


Spring Into Creativity 24/30 – Arbor Day Creativity

It is Arbor Day! Hug a tree and get inspired. Look at some trees and get inspired. If you can, go plant a tree and get inspired. Create from that inspiration.


Spring Into Creativity 23/30 – Take a chance

Take a chance. Be risky. Create out of your comfort zone.



Make some magic!



Spring Into Creativity 22/30 – Earth Day

It’s Earth Day! Get creative and be eco-friendly while you do it.

Express your feelings about the earth and the eco-friendly movement.

How are you being more environmentally friendly with and in your creativity?

Spring Into Creativity 21/30 – Memory Meditation

Meditate on a positive childhood memory and then create what comes from that meditation. Try to focus on both feelings and imagery.