Spring Into Creativity 21/30 – Memory Meditation

Meditate on a positive childhood memory and then create what comes from that meditation. Try to focus on both feelings and imagery.

30 in 30: Day Nine – Develop the picture

Your image that you described yesterday… take it and build something more from it. Build a scene. Make it a part of a poem. Write an essay on how that image relates to something, to your characters you created earlier, or to you. Develop that image.


Happy Writing!

30 in 30: Day Eight – Meditate & Focus

Okay let’s try this.

Close your eyes.

Hum the first three lines to your favorite song.

Breathe deep.

Capture the first thing that comes to mind.

Hold that image in your mind for ninety seconds or so.

Now open your eyes and describe that image.

Use whatever format comes to you first.

Make sure you capture everything you saw in your mind. Capture what you felt.

Get it all down.


Happy Writing!


April Creativity Prompt 21 of 30

Describe the sunrise and dawn, using visual images or verbal imagery.

NaNoWriMo prompts – 13/30, 14/30, 15/30, 16/30

Sorry to have fallen behind…



Write from the perspective or your favorite super hero or villain (not their alter ego) ordering coffee from Starbucks.



Exercise your use of imagery. Describe something in a poem or prose without actually saying that that something is.



Create a bucket list for your character. Or create one for yourself and turn it into a poem or an essay.



Perform a brain dump. Take thirty minutes and just empty the entire contents of your brain onto some paper or into a word document. Do no editing. Do no formatting. Just write it all down. You can sort through it later.


Happy Writing!