Spring Into Creativity 21/30 – Memory Meditation

Meditate on a positive childhood memory and then create what comes from that meditation. Try to focus on both feelings and imagery.

9/11: Where were you? Writing Prompt

Take a moment and think about where you were on 9/11.

Even if you don’t want to remember the horror of that day, still think about where you were in life.

What were you doing?

Who were you with?

How did you feel?

Now run with it. Write a non-fiction or memoir piece about that day. Write a fiction piece using what you remember about yourself, taking the truth and spinning it. Write a poem about what you saw, heard, and/or felt.

Just write!


Writing Prompt… Your six word memoir…

I just read this article about writing  six word memoir…

I have seen other people write six word poems… but this idea really intrigues me.

Check out the article:  http://www.writenowcoach.com/blog/?p=1135

Try it for yourself.  Let me know what you think.


My first one:  Sweetness turned bitter finding sweetness again…