April Creativity Prompt 30 of 30

Write an acrostic using the name of your favorite fictional character. But the piece should have nothing to do with that character.

If you are a visual artist,  place a representation of that character in a place it doesn’t fit.

Have fun with this!

April Creativity Prompt 29 of 30

Complete this thought:

In the end…

Use whatever form of creativity suits your fancy!

April Creativity Prompt 28 of 30

I apologize for missing the last few days.

To make up for that take the time to explore different forms of writing or art. I missed three days. Explore three different ways to express your creativity. One should be written and one should be a visual art. The other can be whatever suits your fancy. Step outside of your comfort zone. Try some new things!


April Creativity Prompt 24 of 30

Create something based simply from the last thing that you have read (prior to this). Doesn’t matter if it was another blog post, email, sign, paperwork, or menu.

April Creativity Prompt 22 of 30

Practice a bit of “black-out” art.

Take a picture and black out all but one or a few objects.

Take a page of writing and black out words until you have a micro story or a poem.


Give it a try. Get creative.

April Creativity Prompt 21 of 30

Describe the sunrise and dawn, using visual images or verbal imagery.

April Creativity Prompt 18 of 30

“Micro Moments” is another name for a six word poem or six word story.

Pick a topic that is close to your heart. Now write six separate micro moments. Each standing on its own.

You then read them in order, then in reverse order, and then mixed up. That is a 6×6.


Give it a shot. Create!