April Creativity Prompt 18 of 30

“Micro Moments” is another name for a six word poem or six word story.

Pick a topic that is close to your heart. Now write six separate micro moments. Each standing on its own.

You then read them in order, then in reverse order, and then mixed up. That is a 6×6.


Give it a shot. Create!

April Creativity Prompt 17 of 30

Let’s have a bit of fun. Take your birthday and write it out in numbers.

For example: November 3, 1978 would be 11-3-1978

Now add those numbers up, however you want.

Examples: 1+1+3+1+9+7+8=30        

or 11+3+1978=1992              1+9+9+2=21    

If your two digit number is greater than 26 then you need to add those two digits together.

Example: 3+0=3

Take the number you get (as long as it is under 26) and match it up with it’s corresponding letter in the alphabet.

Take that letter and list ten words.

Take one, some, or all of those words and use them to inspire or be part of a piece.

Play around. Have fun!


April Creativity Prompt 15 of 30

Take a newspaper or magazine and create something from it… or with it.


Examples: use words or headlines to title a piece or as a line in a piece, cut words and/or pictures out and make a collage, or origami…

April Creativity Prompt 14 of 30

Come up with titles. These can be titles of stories, poems, art pieces, or songs. Create titles for works you haven’t created yet. You simply like the title you come up with.


Then later you can read your list of titles and see if it sparks a creative burst.