April Creativity Prompt 29 of 30

Complete this thought:

In the end…

Use whatever form of creativity suits your fancy!



Take some time to write something that you have been afraid to write, that something that has been on your mind but you just couldn’t bring yourself to put it down on paper. Write it! Make a note in your phone! Let whatever it is go and let it be what it wants to be! See if you feel any differently when it is done.


30 Days Hath November ~ Day 28

Give yourself some time today.  Write for six separate 10 minute sessions.  Try not to do them back to back.  Put at the very least thirty minutes in between the sessions, and hour or two would be better.  

Write about what the holiday season means to you.  It can be any big holidays that you celebrate.  If you don’t celebrate holidays, write about how other people’s holiday season affects you.

Each session should inform the next, but try and take things in a totally different direction each time.  Use your favorite format or however can best allow you express what you need to express.

Happy Writing!

Those things I didn’t say… (writing prompt)

Take a pad of paper, notebook, or make notes in your mobile device of all the things you didn’t say in one day.  Somethings may be things you didn’t say to someone or things that were on your mind that never came out to anyone.  Whether it was fear, lack of time, or lack of opportunity… no matter what the reason… write it down.  Let it breathe outside of your head.

Happy Writing!