Spring Into Creativity 27/30 – Tell a story

Use your creativity to tell a story. Try to use more than one form (expression) of creativity when telling that story.

You don’t have to be a prose writer to tell a story. (Don’t box yourself in by thinking that way.)

Be as non-traditional as possible.

Your Creative Voice

It is so very important for you to tap into your voice. Listen to your creative voice. It is wonderful to be inspired by the work of others. However, when you create you should make sure that you are being as you as possible. No one else can be you as well as you can be you. Your voice is unique and needed. Someone, somewhere, is going to be inspired or learn something from what you have to offer the universe. If you like a style, poem, song, or piece of art feel free to take that inspiration and run with it. Just make sure that you are doing it your way, not trying to do it the way it was originally done.

Be honest and true to your creative voice. It has wonderful things to say and share. You just have to trust in it.