Fall Back Into Creativity: Day 17

What scares you?

Fall Back Into Creativity: Intro and Day 1

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Whether you are struggling with a creative block or gearing up to work on a big project; this month’s set of prompts are designed to get you going.

It doesn’t matter if you are a writer, painter, photographer, or musician. No matter what your method of expressing creativity, take each prompt and express yourself. As a writer, you can choose to respond to the prompts as yourself or look through the eyes of a character you have created.

No matter what, make sure to have some fun with it!



Who are you?



Spring Into Creativity 29/30 – Make A Wish

Make a wish!

Express it through your creativity!

No fear allowed! Be as high in the clouds as possible!

Spring Into Creativity 27/30 – Tell a story

Use your creativity to tell a story. Try to use more than one form (expression) of creativity when telling that story.

You don’t have to be a prose writer to tell a story. (Don’t box yourself in by thinking that way.)

Be as non-traditional as possible.

Spring Into Creativity 16/30 – Just 5 Things

Create a “5 Things” post. You can pick any five things but try to pick things that affect your creativity.

It doesn’t have to be a blog post either. By all means get creative with how you put it together. Have fun with it!