Spring Into Creativity 23/30 – Take a chance

Take a chance. Be risky. Create out of your comfort zone.



Make some magic!


Spring Into Creativity 22/30 – Earth Day

It’s Earth Day! Get creative and be eco-friendly while you do it.

Express your feelings about the earth and the eco-friendly movement.

How are you being more environmentally friendly with and in your creativity?

Spring Into Creativity 21/30 – Memory Meditation

Meditate on a positive childhood memory and then create what comes from that meditation. Try to focus on both feelings and imagery.

Spring Into Creativity 18/30 – Found Creativity

Empty your pockets or purse. Create something from what you find there. Use the items in a poem or a story. Take a picture. Paint or draw your impression of them. Write a song about it. Make sure you have fun with it.


Spring Into Creativity 17/30 – Haiku

Create a Haiku (traditional, senryu, or your own 5-7-5 or 17 syllable poem).

Then create something from what you have just created (especially if poetry is not your primary creative format).

If you are not a poet, find a haiku that speaks to you and create something from that.