Spring Into Creativity 11/30 – Pets

Create something based on your most beloved pet. If you’ve never had a pet write/create about why or what your ideal pet would be.

Happy April! A perfect time to get creative!

hello april


It is National Poetry Month!

It is Spring Camp NaNoWriMo time!

It is National Jazz Appreciation Month!

It is National Inventor’s Month!

It is National Humor Month!


I believe that means it is a perfect month to exercise your creativity. Take each day to do something creative. Write a poem. Work on a story or a novel. Work on a painting. Draw a picture. Take a picture. Write a blog post and/or essay.

Shower April in creativity!

You’ve got 30 wonderful days to compile your creativity and see the masterpiece that comes from it. Completed or not it is a masterpiece because you put you whole self into it.

Daily prompts are forthcoming!


Happy April!


April is for creativity!

National Poetry Writing Month is here! Get started on your 30/30… 30 poems in 30 days.

Don’t write poetry?

Participate in Camp NoNoWriMo! Write your novel!

Draw or paint 30 projects.

30 blog posts.



We will be posting creativity prompts daily and blogging about creativity daily.

Stay tuned!