Hello April! Time to Get Creative!

Hello April!

Happy National Poetry Month!

Let’s take these next 30 days to develop a habit of daily creativity.

This set of prompts is a list of single words or short phrases designed to allow you to take them wherever they want to go. Use whatever form of creativity that suits you. Examples include a poem a day, essay, 100 words of a short story, 1000 words of a novel, a photo a day, song lyrics, music, journal entry, drawing, painting, or whatever suits your fancy.

You simply need to get creative!


April 2016 Writing Prompts


Happy April! A perfect time to get creative!

hello april


It is National Poetry Month!

It is Spring Camp NaNoWriMo time!

It is National Jazz Appreciation Month!

It is National Inventor’s Month!

It is National Humor Month!


I believe that means it is a perfect month to exercise your creativity. Take each day to do something creative. Write a poem. Work on a story or a novel. Work on a painting. Draw a picture. Take a picture. Write a blog post and/or essay.

Shower April in creativity!

You’ve got 30 wonderful days to compile your creativity and see the masterpiece that comes from it. Completed or not it is a masterpiece because you put you whole self into it.

Daily prompts are forthcoming!


Happy April!