#365Creativity – Challenge Yourself to Live a Creative Life



Everywhere you turn it talks about consistency being the key to success. But we all know how difficult it is to do things every single day.

What if you focused not on just one aspect of your creativity but all of it? So instead of trying to write or paint every day, what if you made a vow to do something creative every single day?

Sound hard?

Things that you can do that are creative:

  • Write
  • Draw
  • Paint
  • Read
  • Take a picture
  • Meal Plan
  • Cook
  • Decorate
  • Blog
  • Exercise
  • Dance
  • Make Travel Plans
  • Color or play with your kids
  • Organize
  • Brainstorm
  • Garden
  • Crochet/Knit

Those are just a few examples. You can get creative in the way you simply try to be creative every day!

The key to this challenge is to record your efforts in any way you see fit. You can have a creativity journal. You can simply write down your activities on a calendar. You simply want to hold yourself accountable by documenting what you are doing. If you are sharing your efforts on social media, use the hashtag #365Creativity so that we can find it and cheer you on!

Being creative is an act of self-care. Allowing your creativity to grow and shine is an act of self-love.

Make the commitment to #365Creativity and watch how it changes your life for the better.


Creativity Sundays: Brunch with Valerie Rich

Creativity Sundays 2

Our table is set with mimosas, steak, eggs, fried potatoes, fresh fruit, and homemade biscuits. We have some soul music playing in the background. 

Valerie Rich is a visual artist and author. Her work has been featured in two galleries. She has words everywhere. Words in her art. Words that are actual art. Words for inspiration. 


What is on your table for brunch?

On my table for brunch is a three-panel mixed media collage piece: Words Have Power

valerie cover pic


Describe yourself.

I am known as Val. I am an author and Artist. I am a soft spoken compassionate person. My passion and purpose are to inspire others through art and other creative processes. I am married and mother of three.




What is your creative mission?

My creative passion is to create beautiful things that make people smile and to encourage them be creative. Art frees the mind and warms the soul.


What is your primary form of creative expression?

My primary form of expression is acrylic painting and mixed media.


When did you first discover your love or passion for this form?

I discovered my Love of art in 2012.



What are your secondary forms of creative expression?

I love everything creative sewing, crochet, knitting…


How did you discover these?

I was always crafty growing up we learned a lot in girl scouts. I  discovered art by joining a year-long art journal class and it grew from there.


Have you had any formal training?

I do not have any formal training. I have taken some online classes and workshops.


Do you think formal training is necessary?

Passion creates its self you just need a desire to create something.


How do you deal with creative blocks?

When I have a creative block, I just step away go do something else.  

Check out art videos

Pin things to Pinterest

Start something new and come back to that.


Tell us a little about your creative process.

My process- I am very visual everything has the potential to be a piece of art . Pretty much my art just happens.


Tell us about one of your projects.

Ladies are in most of my pieces I have a series of girls (Be Passionate Be Brave) also ladies with head wraps and my first Lady, Lady Love series of four paintings.









What motivates you? How do you stay motivated?

Art is my form of therapy. My last counselor told me I didn’t need to be there. She said go find a hobby, join a group or something. I started Lifebook 2012 (an art journal project) and have been doing art ever since.


Describe your creative space. What type of environment works best for you?

I have my own space at home. It is like a mini gallery of my work people love to come and create here. I encourage art  session  by appointment.


How do you practice self-care and self-love as a creative?

I practice self-care bu quiet time in the studio… sometimes all day.


What words of inspiration do you have for new or struggling creatives?

Art can be a great place to release your pain, fears and free yourself from worries for the moment.


What is your favorite food?



What is your favorite quote?

“The strongest action for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could.” -Unknown



Where can people find you and your work? (social media links and event information)




Instagram: Valyrich


Hello April! Time to Get Creative!

Hello April!

Happy National Poetry Month!

Let’s take these next 30 days to develop a habit of daily creativity.

This set of prompts is a list of single words or short phrases designed to allow you to take them wherever they want to go. Use whatever form of creativity that suits you. Examples include a poem a day, essay, 100 words of a short story, 1000 words of a novel, a photo a day, song lyrics, music, journal entry, drawing, painting, or whatever suits your fancy.

You simply need to get creative!


April 2016 Writing Prompts

Fall Back Into Creativity: Day 7


What do you daydream about?

Creativity Sundays – Make time!

Do you make time to be creative?

Often times we get caught up in our lives. We can begin to run on auto-pilot. This can lead to not having enough time to really relax and get creative.

Make time each week to sit and focus on your creativity. You want to be able to sustain the habit so make sure you pick a time that will work long term. Or you could switch it up each week given changes in your schedule. Just make sure that you are giving an hour or more to your creativity.

The other key is to not spend this time forcing yourself to work on anything specific. This should be a time where you can really relax and not worry about deadlines or restrictions. This is time to simply be the time where you express yourself freely.

Try it out and notice how your creativity and overall life changes.