Writers Write Poetry Challenge – Day 23 through Day 30 prompts

Day 23 – Write a poem inspired by one of the 5 senses.

Day 24 – Write a 15 line poem about your favorite food.

Day 25 – Write a poem that includes the following words: pomegranate, violin, & horizon.

Day 26 – Write a poem from the perspective of a fairytale character.

Day 27 – Write a poem in the form of a message or letter to your future self.

Day 28 – Write a poem that begins and ends with 3 one syllable words.

Day 29 – Write a 15 line poem in which the first and last line are the same.

Day 30 – Write a poem of at least 15 lines using lines from the poems you’ve already written for this challenge.


Thanks for participating in the challenge.  I hope it helped to open you up creatively!

From: http://www.bsharisemoore.tumblr.com



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