NaNoWriMo Update ~ Day 21

17,274 words…

I am so far behind the power curve.


Does it help that I have about 10,000 words floating around in my head?


If it doesn’t, it should.


Turkey day is going to slow some people down.  I need to gear up though.


I can say… this story is getting good!


To those doing this along with me… keep pushing.  We are in the home streatch.  Get as much done as you can.  Get as close to that goal as you can.  Momentum and motivation are everything!  The sense of accomplishment on December 1st is why I am doing this.  I am tired of having half finished stories.  I want to see something to the end.  Even if it means I have to write 3,000 plus words per day everyday until the end of this month.  I will do so until this story gets finished!


Happy Writing!!


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