NaNoWriMo ~ Day 20 Pep Talk

You are 2/3 of the way there!!!!

We are in the home stretch.

Okay… so what does that really mean?

That really means that you should have 33,333 words.


So what if I don’t?

Don’t be scared. If you do 5,000 words everyday for the next ten days… you can still reach the goal!


Have I lost my mind?

Perhaps. But I want everyone to keep pushing forward. I freely admit that I had to tap out on the novel thing this month. Why? Well… life happened. As much as we don’t want it to during times like this… it snuck up on me.

All is not lost!

I have been writing. Just not a novel. I have been writing poetry. Crafting short stories that I have had in the works.

My plan is to publish the stuff I have done as a testament to those who couldn’t quite do the whole novel thing.

My prompts encourage you to write other forms if novels aren’t for you. Poets could have 30 poems by the end of this month. Depending on their length… that could be a chap book.


Reach your writing goal this month.



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