30 in 30: Day 6 – What’s going on?

Let’s get one thing straight. Conflict and Plot are not the same thing. In my opinion, conflicts are part of what makes up the plot. You can design an amazing conflict but it may not carry an entire story… let alone a novel.

Today let’s work on plot. What is going on in this story? The shorter your piece the less complicated this has to be.

Well… even if you are writing a novel you don’t actually have to have a very complicated plot.

Are you able to see the plot in poetry?

Plot to me is what your answer would be when someone asks you “what is this about”.

That is about all I am going to say on it because every writer is different. Every piece is different.

Take some time and begin to craft a plot. Write a scene that lays the groundwork and gives a sense of what is to come. Write a poem that tells a story.

Just remember to have fun with it.


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