30 Days Hath November ~ Day 20

Describe your evil twin… or your good twin if you are the evil one.  🙂

Happy Writing!

30 Days Hath November ~ Day 18 & 19

So, a prompt worthy of both today and the day missed…

What is the very first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “fear”?  Now write about it.


Happy Writing!!

30 Days Hath November ~ Day 17

Write about the “elephant in the room”.  You know the thing everyone can see, but no one is talking about.  Figure out what the “elephant in the room” is in your world and write about it.


Happy Writing!


30 Days Hath November ~ Day 13

Take 15 minutes to perform a brain dump, in whatever format works for you.

Then write for another 15 minutes about what you would like to be on your mind, different from what was.  (If you write fiction feel free to assign the thoughts to characters and/or write out dialog.)

Happy Writing!