Creativity Sundays: Brunch with Eliza David

Creativity Sundays


The table is set and we are sitting down with author/blogger Eliza David.

Join us for some insight into her creative mind.


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What is on your table for brunch?

Shrimp & Grits, Bacon, and bottomless black coffee.


Describe yourself.

Witty, pretty, well-read, and well-fed.


What is your creative mission?

To create carefree diverse female characters who are best at making love and raising hell.


What is your primary form of creative expression?

Romance/erotic writing, although I also write for feminist and parenting blogs. I’m so diverse.


When did you first discover your love or passion for this form?

My first love story (fan fiction about select members of the music groups Boyz II Men and Jodeci) was written with a friend when I was fourteen.  Though it was very sexual in content, I was still a virgin.  When my mother found it and put me on punishment, I knew that what I wrote was damn good and promised myself that I’d write a romance novel one day. 21 years later, I released The Cougarette (which is free on Amazon – shameless plug!).


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What are your secondary forms of creative expression?

Blogging, but I do a lot of reading.


How did you discover these?

Blogging became a natural extension of my novel writing.  At first, the blog was established to be a marketing tool for my books.  Now, it becoming something more.  I love using my space to give my fellow indie authors some love.


Have you had any formal training?

Besides education and lots of boyfriends, nope.


Do you think formal training is necessary?

Not at all. Writing is organic. I think everyone has a writer inside of them.  What is necessary is reading.  If you don’t read, you can’t write…at least, not well.


How do you deal with creative blocks?

A nap can work wonders.  When I can’t do that, reading has been helpful.  


Tell us a little about your creative process.  

When I come up with an idea, I immediately begin plotting it.  I sit with that plot structure for a few days, rereading it to see if I’m attached to it.  If I am, I start writing.  The irony is, I rarely stick to the plot I construct.  That’s when writing gets fun.


Tell us about one of your projects.  

My current project is the first book of a spinoff from The Cougarette series.  It’s based on the best friend of The Cougarette – a fortysomething white lesbian who is also a divorcee with a child. It’s called Savage and will be out in September.


What motivates you? How do you stay motivated?

My family, the works of Alice Walker & James Baldwin, my readers – all of that motivate motivates me to keep pushing the pen.  


Describe your creative space. What type of environment works best for you?

My creative space is wherever I can make it – my office/guest room, my lunch hour, the wee hours of the morning on my couch. Because I work full time and have small children, I have to grab my writing time when and where I can.


How do you practice self-care and self-love as a creative?

Good question. It’s something I need to implement more.  Although I shower daily (LOL!), one thing I never miss out on is my weekend bath.  Just me and a mineral soak – no electronics, books, or Kindle. I’m thankful that my family allows me that moment to unwind alone.


What words of inspiration do you have for new or struggling creatives?

Keep writing. Keep reading. Keep sharing your thoughts.  Someone out there needs to read your story – write for that person.


What is your favorite word?

Serendipity. The search for one thing and finding another defines my life and my writing.


What is your favorite quote?

“If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” –Toni Morrison


Do you use music/playlists to help inspire you? What songs and artists in particular?

Cannot write without my playlists!  My current playlist for Savage includes songs by Joan Jett, The Runaways, Grace Jones, Heart, and Tina Turner.


Where can people find you and your work?