In the US, we are celebrating our Declaration of Independence… the moment when this country decided to stand on its own two feet.


What does independence mean for you? When is your Independence day?

Take some time to write out your thoughts… in the format most comfortable to you.

Definition of INDEPENDENT

: not dependent: as

a (1) : not subject to control by others : self-governing (2) :not affiliated with a larger controlling unit <an independentbookstore>

b (1) : not requiring or relying on something else : not contingent <an independent conclusion> (2) : not looking to others for one’s opinions or for guidance in conduct (3) : not bound by or committed to a political party

c (1) : not requiring or relying on others (as for care or livelihood) <independent of her parents> (2) : being enough to free one from the necessity of working for a living <a person of independent means>

: showing a desire for freedom <an independent manner>





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