Inspiring Words Creativity Prompts: Day 27-30

Use these three words to inspire your creation today. Write a story, poem, essay, section of a novel, or song. Paint or draw a picture. Use your camera to capture the words in a unique way.

I have used the Oxford Dictionary website to pick unique words & phobias. Feel free to think outside of the box with these definitions.

Just simply create!

transpicuous: transparent

trichophobia: fear of hair

evanescent: quickly fading

misogamy: the hatred of marriage

phasmophobia: fear of ghosts

asunder: into pieces

hodiernal: of today

thanatophobia: fear of death

ether: the clear sky

gasconade: extravagant boasting

coitophobia: fear of coitus

beget: produce (a child)

(The end of the month was very busy for us. We apologize for the delay on the last few sets of words. We hope you found them interesting and helpful!)


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