30 in 30: Day Twelve – Turn left… here!

Okay. Insert an argument. Let this argument start out with some tie in to what you have written previously or something deeply rooted to your character or theme. Then let the argument go left.

You know… when an argument takes on a life of it’s own and is no longer about what it started out to be about.

Yes. Do that.

Take it there.

The more absurd the better.

This makes for beautiful poetry and prose. It takes the reader on a journey that they are captivated with even though they clearly realize they are going in circles.

Have some fun today!


30 in 30: Day Seven – Throw everything in a bag & shake.

Today I want you to review everything you have written over the past six days. Then mentally, or literally, throw everything into a bag and shake. Then pour it out on the page today. You can take a little from each day or all of it and put it into today’s piece. If you wrote poems, you may want to take a few lines and join them in a piece. If you wrote prose you could drag paragraphs. You could just pull ideas and create something new from what was previously done.

Remember you have two characters, conflict, a setting, and plot to work with.

See what you can make happen! This is definitely the day to cut loose and have some fun. Great things happen when you get a little crazy.

Happy Writing!

30 in 30: Day Four – So what’s the problem?

Now is your time to create the conflict in your piece. There might be one big conflict or several small ones. It can be external or internal. Play with it. Use it to build your piece. Get creative.

Happy Writing!