30 in 30: Day 15 – Halftime Show

Let’s throw in some lights and pyrotechnics. It is time for the halftime show. Feel free to insert a wardrobe malfunction, wave your lighter, shake you booty, or cause a massive power outage. Just do something exciting right now with your writing. Everyone’s idea of exciting is different so that is all the help I can give you.

Just have fun with it!


30 in 30: Day Twelve – Turn left… here!

Okay. Insert an argument. Let this argument start out with some tie in to what you have written previously or something deeply rooted to your character or theme. Then let the argument go left.

You know… when an argument takes on a life of it’s own and is no longer about what it started out to be about.

Yes. Do that.

Take it there.

The more absurd the better.

This makes for beautiful poetry and prose. It takes the reader on a journey that they are captivated with even though they clearly realize they are going in circles.

Have some fun today!