30 in 30: Day 23 – Anticipation

Add some anticipation to your writing. Let your story, poem, or piece begin to build up to something that the reader may or may not see coming. Make sure not to give too much away. Leave bread crumbs. Let the clues add up. Let the pieces of the puzzle slowly come together.

Have fun!

30 in 30: Day 22 – Expansion

Take a short poem, like a haiku or even a six word story/poem, and expand on it. Fit it into what you have been writing. Use one you haven’t written. Why? Because you need to imagine what the story is behind the piece. Imagine what was going on in the writer’s mind and run with it. How does that fit with what you are thinking with your writing.

Stretch the piece. Stretch your creativity.

Happy writing!

30 in 30: Day 21 – The character actor

The character actor in a movie typically isn’t the star. Not only are they a supporting character but they are the glue that keeps the movie from being boring. However most movies would not survive without them. They provide depth the the movie. (They are usually my favorite characters.)

Create one for your fiction project. Write an essay about one. Develop a poem around the premise.

Play with it. Try some stuff. Think about your favorite character actors and your writing. Make something happen.

Trust me it will be amazing as long as you have fun with it!

30 in 30: Day 19 – Backstory

Create some back story that doesn’t already exist in your writing. Pick a character you haven’t talked about much. Pick a topic you haven’t covered. Build up to what is already there.


Have fun with it!

30 in 30: Day 18 – Speed Drill

Time yourself.

You’ve got fifteen minutes.

Start with a train of thought and run with it. It could be something on your character’s mind or something on your mind. It could be based off of a word or a feeling.

Just write. Do not stop writing until the fifteen minutes is up. Do not pause to think. Whatever you think is what you put down on paper.

Trust me… you can have fun with this!

Happy Writing!

30 in 30: Day 17 – When life happens…

All the best plans get messed up in someone. Very few plans are executed as they were originally intended. That is life.

Take a moment to create a plan b and include it in your writing. Whatever your concept of plan b is, work it in. It is essentially the alternative but feel free to let your creativity roll with it however it sees fit.

The only rule is that you have fun with it!