30 in 30: Day 19 – Backstory

Create some back story that doesn’t already exist in your writing. Pick a character you haven’t talked about much. Pick a topic you haven’t covered. Build up to what is already there.


Have fun with it!

30 in 30: Day 18 – Speed Drill

Time yourself.

You’ve got fifteen minutes.

Start with a train of thought and run with it. It could be something on your character’s mind or something on your mind. It could be based off of a word or a feeling.

Just write. Do not stop writing until the fifteen minutes is up. Do not pause to think. Whatever you think is what you put down on paper.

Trust me… you can have fun with this!

Happy Writing!


30 in 30: Day 17 – When life happens…

All the best plans get messed up in someone. Very few plans are executed as they were originally intended. That is life.

Take a moment to create a plan b and include it in your writing. Whatever your concept of plan b is, work it in. It is essentially the alternative but feel free to let your creativity roll with it however it sees fit.

The only rule is that you have fun with it!

30 in 30: Day 16 – Sneak Peek

How about a sneak peek? Throw a hint at the what the ending looks like. A poem that speaks of the future may be the way to go. An essay about where you think things should go with a topic of extreme interest to you. A moment of foreshadowing for your character.

We are on the downhill stretch so why not shine a light on what is at the bottom.

However you see it, whatever comes to mind when you think sneak peek, go ahead and throw it in there.

Happy Writing!

30 in 30: Day 15 – Halftime Show

Let’s throw in some lights and pyrotechnics. It is time for the halftime show. Feel free to insert a wardrobe malfunction, wave your lighter, shake you booty, or cause a massive power outage. Just do something exciting right now with your writing. Everyone’s idea of exciting is different so that is all the help I can give you.

Just have fun with it!

30 in 30: Day 14 – Go ahead. Get it over with.

Okay, so you know that topic you have been avoiding. You know, the scene you really don’t want to write. There is always that poem you have on your mind but don’t want to go there just yet.

Guess what, tomorrow might not happen.


No matter how awkward or troublesome it may be, put it down on paper or type it out. You can always trash, burn, or delete it later. You never know, it may add something wonderful to your collection or story. If anything, you will have leapt that hurdle and can move on to the next one.

Happy Writing!


30 in 30: Day 13 – Toss in some randomness

Toss in five new words. By new words I mean words that you would not typically use otherwise. You can open to random pages in the dictionary, look at a few word-of-the-day lists, or break out the thesaurus. Expand your vocabulary or make your character sound pretentious.

Get your list of words. Find thirty minutes to write. Then challenge yourself to write using those words in that time frame. Make sure that it remotely makes sense.

But more importantly, have fun!

30 in 30: Day Twelve – Turn left… here!

Okay. Insert an argument. Let this argument start out with some tie in to what you have written previously or something deeply rooted to your character or theme. Then let the argument go left.

You know… when an argument takes on a life of it’s own and is no longer about what it started out to be about.

Yes. Do that.

Take it there.

The more absurd the better.

This makes for beautiful poetry and prose. It takes the reader on a journey that they are captivated with even though they clearly realize they are going in circles.

Have some fun today!

30 in 30: Day Eleven – Monkey Wrench

Time to throw something in. No matter what you are writing you need to add this to the mix.

The theme is:

Finding Peace in a Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Okay… go ahead… you can make it work. No worries.


Have fun!