What are your writing fears? Preparing for the June Writing Challenge.

We are coming up on another month with 30 days in it.

What a great time to create a new writing habit and complete a new challenge.


In preparing for next month, begin to think about what you are afraid of when it comes to your writing. What subjects are you afraid of addressing? What forms are you afraid of writing in? Where are you afraid to take your characters?

Begin to compile a list of these things.

Starting June 1st, you are going to tackle them. Write the story, poem, or article you are afraid to write. Put pen to paper and get down huge sections of the memoir that has been haunting you. Tackle forms and genres that you have found difficult.

June will be when you face your writing fears.

Get prepared now.


Spring Into Creativity 23/30 – Take a chance

Take a chance. Be risky. Create out of your comfort zone.



Make some magic!


30 in 30: Day 14 – Go ahead. Get it over with.

Okay, so you know that topic you have been avoiding. You know, the scene you really don’t want to write. There is always that poem you have on your mind but don’t want to go there just yet.

Guess what, tomorrow might not happen.


No matter how awkward or troublesome it may be, put it down on paper or type it out. You can always trash, burn, or delete it later. You never know, it may add something wonderful to your collection or story. If anything, you will have leapt that hurdle and can move on to the next one.

Happy Writing!


30 in 30: Day Ten – Insert random story

Throughout your travels, take a moment to people watch. Pick a particularly interesting person out. Add that person to your mix. Do not approach them or ask them about who they are. Imagine it. Write their story. What brought them to the place where you saw them? What is their current set of circumstances? What goes on in their mind?

Variety in a longer story adds spice. It can add freshness to a collection of poems, essays, or short stories.

Have some fun with it!


Happy Writing!



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30 in 30: Day Eight – Meditate & Focus

Okay let’s try this.

Close your eyes.

Hum the first three lines to your favorite song.

Breathe deep.

Capture the first thing that comes to mind.

Hold that image in your mind for ninety seconds or so.

Now open your eyes and describe that image.

Use whatever format comes to you first.

Make sure you capture everything you saw in your mind. Capture what you felt.

Get it all down.


Happy Writing!

30 in 30: Day 5 – Where are we?

Before I get into this one I want to remind you that each prompt can be used to write a stand alone piece, a collection of pieces, or serve as parts that come together to equal a novella or novel.

So now let’s focus on setting. Where are you in this story you want to tell? Even a poem tells a story so don’t feel limited if that is the format you are writing in. Take sometime to describe the setting you have in your mind. Try your best not to simply tell. Show it. Showing it allows the readers imagination to get a jump start.

Just remember to have fun with it!

Come see us at the 2014 Baltimore Book Festival!

We are excited to be participating in the 2014 Baltimore Book Festival!

bmore book fest

We will be located in a booth on Rash Field, just off of Key Highway.

We have partnered with Soulful Emergence Art Gallery! Along with works of fiction and poetry, there will be hand crafted journals and other surprises!!!!!

If you are in the area, please come down. Enjoy the festival and Baltimore’s beautiful Inner Harbor.

Make sure you come by and say hi to us!

April Creativity Prompt 24 of 30

Create something based simply from the last thing that you have read (prior to this). Doesn’t matter if it was another blog post, email, sign, paperwork, or menu.

NaNoWriMo prompts – 29/30 & 30/30


Attempt to describe a color to someone who has been blind their entire life.



What does true happiness look like to you or your character? Truly take some time to allow to the reader to feel what you feel.


Happy Writing!